Friday, February 25, 2011

Antique Photo Card, Magazine Scan, Quilled Flowers

I received my new Stamp it! kit last night which included a bundle of clip art and images. I LOVE these antique photos so I couldn't wait to make a new card with one.

I saw this flower in a magazine and thought it was gorgeous! So, I scanned it into the computer, printed it on cream card stock and layered it with purple and pink.

Latest quilled card. The new corner punch makes all the difference on this card! It's all in the details!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Frilly Corners

Above: New technique using a corner punch - all around the page.

Also a corner punch. I just love this striped paper. I used pastel chalks to color white flowers
to match the paper.

Flowers and a Flower Pot

Above: I bought a new punch and LOVE the border it creates!

Above: This one has a message card. Pulling the ribbon reveals the message.

Above: I love using pastel chalks to color white flowers...

Pulling the flowers out of the pot reveals the message. You can just see the bottom of the message card poking out from the bottom of the pot. This card doesn't open.