Monday, March 26, 2012

New Art Journal Pages

I worked on the art journal off and on all weekend. These are the three I liked most. My favorite is the "tree" page (top photo). The trees were from a jewelry magazine and the book page was a random selection from a Koontz novel we found that my sister-in-law had before she passed away.

All of these are either painted with watercolor or acrylics and have some ink or stamping on them.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I made this card for my new Grand-Niece who arrived into the world yesterday! Congrats to her wonderful parents and Welcome to your life!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Watercolor: Blue Hand-Painted Flowers

I thought these came out pretty well for my first water-color flowers!! Using cheap ($3) watercolors, I worked for two hours on these. Time flies when you're immersed!! A friend told me this would make a pretty fabric. I think she's right. She also gave me a great idea: Use these for my Easter cards. Pics of that later! Thanks Bethany!

More Art Journal: Hand-painted flowers

This is really more of a scrapbook page, but I decided to include it in my art journal. I painted the flowers with acrylic paints on grey paper. Then cut them out, stamped all over the page, punched out the little red flowers and stamped them, then covered the whole page with Mod Podge to protect it. These are the flowers that turned out. Most of them were awful!!

Art Journal Page Background

I started an Art Journal and have been playing around with new techniques. This was the weirdest thing...I made a cup of tea using a Cranberry Zinger tea bag which is VERY red when steeped. After it cooled I dripped it down the page thinking the red color would transfer - but NO! Instead it turned grey or actually kind of clear because the paper is grey. Then I mixed an acrylic paint with water in a spritzer bottle to get the blue splashes of color. Even without the red I thought it came out pretty cool!