Monday, July 21, 2014

Splatter Painting

So I was looking at yet another webpage on art journaling, this one on splatter painting, the other day and thought "That looks easy. I could do that!" So, after a few attempts at splattering paint everywhere, and I do mean everywhere...I did my first splatter painting. It was too dark, too heavy with paint and not at all acceptable. So, I tried some more test splatters and was satisfied with the results. I pulled out a piece of white card stock, splattered some green paint on it (all of the green in the background is splattered) and then dabbed paint on top of it with a small paint brush to look like flowers. And Voila! Not bad for the second attempt! Woo hoo! I cut it down and put it in an old plastic box frame. I hate to admit that I admired it all weekend. It reminds me so much of going to museums to see the impressionist artists paintings and wondering how they could make dots and splats of paint look like flowers. Now I get it! It brought back such great memories!

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